Authorizations API

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Auth Reason Codes

The Authorization Reason Codes table references a complete list of valid codes for the parameter -

AR_-H-_ADD-_ACTION-_IND in the endpoint - /omaha/authorization-result.get.

Code Authorization Reason
00 No additional action specified
01 Authorization by expansion
02 Get new address
03 Get positive identification
04 Call me
05 Pick up card
06 Invalid card number
07 Invalid merchant number
08 Invalid amount
09 Merchant not on file
0A Non-FDR cardholder and merchant
0B Processor record not found
0C Invalid merchant assessment code
0D Closed merchant
0E Invalid expiration date
0F Invalid mail order flag
10 Over single authorization limit
11 Over cash advance single limit
12 Under cash advance minimum
13 Overlimit
14 File error
15 Cardholder record not found
16 Excessive transactions
17 Over cash advance total limit
18 Use external status as reason
19 Use internal status as reason
1A Invalid ETC (Electronic Ticket Capture) transaction type
1B Not ETC merchant
1C Ask for transaction type
1D Only ETC transaction type 4 valid
1E Cardholder invalid for merchant
1F Attala box down
20 Aborted call
21 VIP status
22 Transmit name BASE/INAS
23 Center closed
24 Card number on negative file
25 Communication line down
26 Bad read CVV
27 Bad stripe CVV
29 Invalid PIN point phone number
2A Merchant on wrong system
2B Cardholder on wrong system
2C Over daily spending limit
2D BASE response - below minimum
2E Invalid PIN number
2F PIN service unavailable
30 Excessive PIN transactions
31 BASE I System error
32 Card use exceeded maximum
33 Rejected PIN
34 Authorization approval of partial amount
35 Rejected PIN for invalid block format
36 Rejected for invalid encrypted PIN
37 INAS - invalid ATM terminal identification
38 Invalid transaction type
39 Function unavailable
3A Referral
3B Have merchant do CALL ME
3C Display optional data only
3D ETC files disabled
3E Manual decline
3F Exceeds commercial card spending limit
40 Commercial card - company overlimit
41 Diversion account delinquent
42 INAS manual reject - Invalid PIN
43 Diversion account overlimit
44 Diversion account delinquent and overlimit
45 Diversion account exceeds spending limit
46 Relationship Processing® service - overlimit/family level
47 Relationship Processing® service - family not active
48 Diversion account
49 Invalid CVV2/CVC2 value entered
4A Name mismatch track one
4B Verify order
4C Payment reversal does not match to payment
4D ETC Plus credit item gap > 200
4E Invalid loan officer identification
4F Duplicate authorization
50 Not signed on
51 Authorization System malfunction
52 Invalid prefix for DES PIN
53 Message format problem
54 Decline reason set
55 Service not available
56 Over merchandise total limit
57 Display name meets counterfeit parameters
58 On Combined Warning Bulletin flag was set
59 Invalid SE number - AMEX
5A New/reissue declined
5B New/reissue get positive identification
5C Issuer center down
5D Invalid department code
5E ETC retry code
5F Decline ’Y’ authorization flag
60 No matching detail ETC void/reversal
61 Lost card
62 Stolen card
63 Stop payment on check
64 Unable to authorize
65 Vendor not on company card vendor list
66 ETC - invalid batch sequence number
67 ETC - batch has reached item limit
68 Over JCB limit-transfer to Jesta network
69 Invalid service restriction code
6A Invalid CVV value
6B Rejected CVV
6C Invalid ticket terms
6D Consecutive authorization over PCF cash limit
6E Authorization prior to valid date
6F Issuer not permitted ATM inquiries
71 No match on preapproved authorization
72 Excessive transactions, get positive identification
73 Excessive PIN attempts, get positive identification
74 Card verification declined
75 Card verification get positive identification
76 Do not honor
77 Insufficient funds
78 Account closed
79 Card statused severity 1
7A Card statused severity 4
7B Card statused severity 4
7C Account statused
7D Less than minimum amount required
7E Card statused severity 2
7F Card statused severity 5
80 Re-enter transaction
81 File temporarily unavailable
82 Card expired on Master File
83 Mismatched expiration date
84 Decline for NRI (not received as issued)
85 NRI get positive identification
86 Decline counterfeit
87 Counterfeit get positive identification
88 Decline kiting
89 Kiting get positive identification
8A Decline lost/stolen
8B Lost/stolen get positive identification
8C Invalid item count
8D Invalid type change
8E Always Refer Flag set
8F Chip card authentication failure
90 Invalid fleet ID
91 Invalid fleet driver ID
92 Invalid fleet vehicle ID
93 Force standin at Association (Visa/MC)
94 Rejected 3D secure CAVV value
95 Invalid 3D secure CAVV value
96 Invalid PI external status
97 PI not on file
98 Ticket terms not active
99 Invalid ticket terms amount
9A Invalid MC UCAF value
9B No match found on ‘Q’ Request
9C Declined stop recurring payment
9D Invalid claim number
9E Reserved for restricted use
9F Reserved for restricted use
A0 Reserved for restricted use
A1 Reserved for restricted use
A2 Reserved for restricted use
A3 Client-defined decline reason code
A4 Reserved for healthcare processors
A5 Excessive transactions - PI
A6 Account day hour restricted
A7 ID day hour restricted
A8 Reserved for healthcare processors
A9 Reserved for healthcare processors
AA Chip record not found
AB Invalid ARQC
AC Check not activated
AD Real time decisioning decline
AE Reserved for healthcare processors
AF Commercial card super company overlimit
B0 Consumer control decline
B1 Commercial - TAN (Transaction Account Number) amount doesn’t match
B2 Commercial - TAN (Transaction Account Number) out of date range
B3 Surcharge not allowed on debit
B4 Prepaid non-reloadable cash back