Authorizations API

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Technical Notes


Cash Advance Note

  1. This API may be required in order to determine the approval or decline of a cash advance depending on how a merchant is set up.
  2. To run /omaha/authorization-result.get, this will require leveraging the ‘referenceNumber’ from /omaha/transactions/cash-advance, which determines whether the authorization was processed outside of Co-op (indicated with a value greater than zero).
  3. Use ARD_REF_NMBR returned as the value for the _ReferenceNumber field.
  4. In the Beta environment, the cash advance process may cause this endpoint to produce inaccurate and/or inconsistent results. In production, authorizations are sent to MasterCard or Visa.
  5. However, the test environment is not set up this way.

Refer to the Authorization Reason Codes wiki for a complete list of valid codes for the parameter -


NOTE - Refer to the Limit Type IDs Table in the Authorizations API for specific information.

For the Connex Override Limit or Limit Hold endpoints, please validate with your Financial Institution's settings to know which limits are available to your financial institution.

The following is a full list of limit abilities for both real-world and online activity:

  • Withdrawals
  • Purchases and Purchases VM Shared Usage
  • Total Purchases VM/ Regional
  • Total Debit Activity
  • Balance Inquiries
  • Deposit / Payments and Available Deposits/ Payments
  • Check Deposits
  • Transfers and Available Transfers
  • Purchase Returns
  • Cash Back
  • Unlimited Availability
  • Payments to/from 3rd party (P2P)