Cardholder Maintenance API

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Access member attributes and perform cardholder maintenance functions such as updating cardholder attributes. Cardholder Maintenance is a general purpose API with endpoints relevant to a wide variety of member servicing use cases. For example, use this API to add a cardholder as a secondary cardholder to an existing account.

The following endpoints are consumable with this API:

  • /connex/card/member POST: Add cardholder member data.
  • /connex/card/member PUT: Manage cardholder member details.
  • /connex/card/member.get: Retrieve cardholder member profile information.
  • /connex/card/member.delete: Remove a member from an account.
  • /omaha/cardholder POST: Add a cardholder to an existing account.
  • /omaha/cardholder PUT: Update attributes for an existing cardholder.

Use Case Examples:

  • View and update cardholder information including names, phone numbers, and addresses for card accounts.
  • Add or delete a cardholder on an account.


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