Memo API

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Technical Notes


Credit Account Memos have a maximum of 999 memos and display in descending order on an account. Each memo has a 63 character maximum in length.

  1. To add longer memos, split at 63 characters and start a new memo.
  2. Memos with the ! symbol in the first position of each line display before all other memos.
  3. Memos display in reverse order so add final line first, followed by the second-to-final, etc.
  4. Example: 003 First line of the memo. 002 Second to final line of the memo. 001 Final line of the memo.
  5. Enter the !or symbol in the first position of each memo line to prevent the System from automatically deleting a memo and also gives a memo special meaning. No other characters hold special meaning.
  6. ! = Priority. Memo note appears at top of list of memos.
  7. = Permanent. Memo retained indefinitely. PCF settings determine memo retention.


This Get Memos API can return a maximum of 100 records per transaction.


This API obtains up to 40 notes for the requested cardholderโ€™s account.


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