Status API

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Card Status Codes

For the endpoint - /connex/status.get and /connex/status - refer to the table below that defines the Custom Objects for the Request and Response parameter Data.

Card Status Normalized Codes
Host Value Status Sub Status
OK(blank) Active
N Hot Decline
AD Hot Stolen
AE Hot Fraud
AK Hot Restraint
AL Hot Bad Debt
C3 Closed CR-DDA
D3 Closed DDA
D4 Restricted Dormant
FC Restricted Compromised
ND Restricted Lost/Stolen
NE Restricted Fraud
NK Restricted Closed
NL Restricted Bad Debt
P Hot Counterfeit
P8 Closed Other
P9 Restricted Dormant
PE Restricted Warm
Q1 Restricted Do Not Honor
Q3 Hot Lost
RY Restricted Inactive
NI Restricted NRC
__ Restricted Dormant Account