Transactions API

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System Trans Codes Table

For the Return Parameter - tranCode - for the following endpoints:


Tran Code     Tran Code Description    
0 Statement
1 System use only
251 Authorization
252 Authorization Adjustment
253 Sale
254 Cash Advance
255 Return
256 Merchandise Sale Reversal
257 Cash Advance Reversal
258 Return Reversal
259 Merchandise Sale Amount Adjustment
260 Cash Advance Amount Adjustment
261 Return Amount Adjustment
271 Payment
272 Payment Reversal
273 Payment Amount Adjustment
280 Specific Credit Amount Adjustment
281 Cash Advance Item Charge Refund
282 Late Charge Refund
283 Merchandise Finance Charge Refund
284 Cash Advance Finance Charge Refund
285 Backdated Payment Adjustment
286 Merchandise Item Charge Refund
287 Over-limit Charge Refund
288 Credit Life Insurance Fee Refund
290 Backdate Cash Advance and Sales Adjustment
370 Small Balance Charge-off
371 Charge Off Total Account
372 Charge Off Cash Advance Interest
373 Charge-Off Billed Late Charges
374 Charge-Off Merchandise Interest and Service Charges
375 Charge-Off Credit Life Insurance
376 Charge-Off All Finance Charges
377 Charge-Off All Current Cash Advance Interest
378 Charge-Off All Current Merchandise Interest
379 Charge-Off Cycle-to-Date Late Charges
380 Charge-Off Billed Cash Advance Item Charges
381 Charge-Off Billed Merchandise Item Charges
382 Charge-Off Billed Over-limit Fees
383 Charge-Off Cycle-to-Date Cash Advance Item Charges
384 Charge-Off Cycle-to-Date Merchandise Item Charges
385 Charge-Off Cycle-to-Date Over-limit Fees
400 Account Transfer
900 Finance Charge (item charge)
959 Reserved for Restricted Use
960 Reserved for Restricted Use
961 Late Charge
962 Credit Life Insurance Charge
963 Cash Advance Finance Charge
964 Merchandise Finance Charge
965 Over-limit Account Message
966 Reserved for Restricted Use
967 Account Level Processing Strategy Change Message
976 Reserved for Restricted Use
978 Reserved for Restricted Use
979 Reserved for Restricted Use
981 Account Balance Details for MULTRAN Accounts
984 Backdated Cash Advance Finance Charge
985 Backdated Payment Interest Adjustment
986 Cash Advance Item Charge
987 Merchandise Item Charge
988 Over-limit Charge
989 Interest Earned or Credit Interest
990 Service Charge or Statement Charge
991 Cash Advance Item Charge
992 Fee or Finance Charge Rebate
993 Backdated Payment or Cash Advance Adjustment
994 Skip Payment Certificate Message
997 Retail Special Details
998 Airline Itinerary Special Details
999 System Use Only