Transactions API

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V3 Release Notes

* Transactions Version 3 only has updates for the Connex endpoints.


  • NEW V3 Request Parameters: ONLY PrimaryKey.
REMOVED V2 Search Response Parameters
dateSettlement MOTO
authCode posEntryMode
functionCode cardBrand
issuerDate masBankReference
creditDebitIndicator visaTransactionID
ARN authorizationAmount
MCC authorizationDate

NOTE: acquirerGroup was also REMOVED from the V2 Response but is NOT shown in the V2 example.

NEW V3 Search Response Parameters
localDateTime acquirerCountryCode
reconciliationAmount cardAcceptorID
amount issuerAccountTypes
currency issuerAmount
accountNumber merchantPostalCode
issuerImpact merchantType
transactionDisposition posCardCaptureCapability
retrievalReferenceNumber posCardholderAuthenticationEntity
issuerInstitution posCardholderPresent
merchantCategoryCode posCardholderVerificationCapability
acquirerTerminal posCardholderVerificationMethod
posCardReadingMethod posCardPresent
posCardReadingCapability posEnvironment
serviceCode posMagneticStripeRewriteCapability
systemTraceAuditNumber posPinInputLengthCapability
authorizedBy posTerminalOutputCapability


  • Transactions V3 Request has the same parameters as V2: ONLY PAN & Primary Key.
  • REMOVED V2 Request Parameters: ONLY dateExpiration.
NEW V3 Detail Response Parameters
primaryKey cardOwner
issuerImpact issuerAmount
merchantCategoryCode issuerLink
acquirerAmount platform