Account APIs


View, access and manage specific account-level details.

Account Management
Cardholder Management
Fraud Management
Search and Memo Utilities


Account Management Summary

The Account Management APIs allow you to view and update common data attributes that are specific to a unique member account. These APIs are typically used as general utilities and in routine account servicing use cases.

APIs available for Account Management
Account Information

View account-specific details and settings to learn more about individual accounts. Basic account information provides a comprehensive view of the member’s account and is often used to verify account ownership.

Coming soon Account Information API

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Account Maintenance

This API contains multiple resources that support a variety of account-level post and update functionalities. Use them to update fields and settings that typically drive account processing decisions. This API and its associated resources can also be used to establish account-level controls and to customize product usage for members.

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Commercial Card

Using this API will allow you to view and access individual account records that have been established as Commercial or Company Card account types.

Coming soon Commercial Card API

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Access and update account-level demographics data, including addresses, phone protocols and mail codes, for example.

Coming soon Demographics API

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Browse through multiple resources that allow you to manage all aspects of PIN administration - from PIN change and mailer controls to PIN offsets and more.

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Retrieve and update card security details, such as Security Codes, to protect member data and accounts.

Coming soon Security API

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View and manage the card-state or account status code values.

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Cardholder Management Summary

Our cardholder management APIs support member-specific data views, actions and updates.

APIs available for Cardholder Management
Cardholder Information

View account-specific details related to a cardholder’s account role and member-specific settings. These fields often contain credit union-defined flags and values that represent member profile information and product usage, typically used to understand a member’s behavior and preferences. Which in turn may be used as decision elements that drive product offers and core functionality - such as rates, fees and terms. Also view credit union-defined flags and fields, which can help you set account and portfolio processing strategies.

Coming soon Cardholder Information API

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Cardholder Maintenance

This API supports account-level post and update functions related to a specific cardholder. For example, they allow you to add a new member to an existing account or define a specific member’s role within that account.

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Flags and Fields

View and update client-defined flag and field values that are often used to identify participation in certain programs, segment accounts by a defined criteria or factor into decisions related to processing strategies.

Coming soon Flags and Fields API

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Monetary Summary

APIs in this category enable viewing and posting of monetary transactions, including authorizations, payments and cash/merchandise sales.

APIs available for Monetary

With this API, you can view and adjust monetary (cash and merchandise) merchant authorizations on a specific account.

Coming soon Authorizations API

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Checks and Balance Consolidation

View and maintain processes (including posting) that involve convenience checks and balance consolidation transactions.

Coming soon Checks and Balance Consolidation API

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Explore ways to view, post and update account payment transactions. Resources include payment views, posting payments (including right-time-payments) and settings/controls related to automatic payments.

Coming soon Payments API

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View and maintain monetary transactions. This section includes resources that enable users to “view all,” “current” or “statement-specific” monetary transactions.

Search for Transactions API

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Plastics Summary

Our plastics APIs and resources allow viewing and management of card/plastic functionality, with specific APIs available for general management, card activation, embossing and encoding, and instant issuance.

APIs available for Plastics
Plastics Management

With this API, you can view, update and maintain detailed account-specific settings related to account-level plastic card production.

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Card Activation

With this API, you can both manage and receive information on member-level card activation status.

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Emboss and Encode

This API allows you to access resources for viewing and managing the card embossing process. It also supports the primary transactions used to request and manage card production processes.

Coming soon Emboss and Encode API

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Instant Issuance

This API supports card instant issuance processes, including requesting the instant issuance details that interface with on-site card production applications.

Coming soon Instant Issuance API

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Fraud Management Summary

Manage Lost/Stolen processes, as well as functions related to industry warning bulletins.

APIs available for Fraud Management
Travel Notifications

The Travel Notifications API contains endpoints that permit travel notification data to be managed via API. This API allows Credit Unions to integrate travel notification reporting such as cardholder information, blocking instructions, start and end dates; into mobile and online banking apps. Optional data such as alternate contacts can be provided via this API.

Travel Notifications API

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Warning Bulletin

View and maintain account-specific details related to placement, updating and deletion of account information based on association warning bulletin files and reports.

Coming soon Warning Bulletin API

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Lost or Stolen

Access the resources needed to initiate and manage account and card level lost/stolen use cases.

Coming soon Lost or Stolen API

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Search and Memo Utilities Summary

The ‘Utilities’ context group contains two individual APIs supporting a total of four resources. These APIs and resources are general functions that are commonly used for a variety of diverse functions that may be relevant across a wide spectrum of use cases.

APIs available for Search and Memo Utilities

View account-specific details and settings with non-PAN inputs. This API enables easy, fast data access across your portfolio when searching for a specific account when the account number is not readily available.

Coming soon Search API

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Access functions for viewing and posting account-level memos/notes. The ability to make annotations puts data in context.

Coming soon Memo API

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