Portfolio APIs


Access and manage program and portfolio-level controls.

ATM Management
Rules and Decisioning
Digital Products and Programs
Shared Branching


ATM Management Summary

For ATM Management we segment APIs into two categories that together enable both monetary and non-monetary ATM management functions. Using these APIs allows your credit union to more efficiently manage your ATMs and enhance the member experience as a result.

APIs available for ATM Management
Monetary Functions

View and manage primary monetary functions associated with specific ATMs. Enable features for retrieving totals, adding/subtracting cash, managing surcharge amounts and performing device settle functions.

Coming soon Monetary Functions API

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Non-Monetary Functions

View and manage non-monetary functions associated with ATMs, such as logo management, terminal handler information, adding new ATMs and more.

Coming soon Non-Monetary Functions API

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Rules and Decisioning Summary

These APIs and resources are used to develop and maintain rules and decision strategies that determine account-level actions and processing functionality. They also help the credit union more effectively implement authorization controls.

APIs available for Rules and Decisioning
Authorization Controls

View and manage decision elements and strategies that control authorization rules processes. This API enables you to automate approve, decline and override transactions based on data and helps the credit union more effectively protect transactions from fraud and provide adherence to the their credit management policies.

Coming soon Authorization Controls API

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This API supports our fraud management rules application and allows you to establish highly effective fraud detection oversight for your own portfolio.

Coming soon Falcon API

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Digital Products and Programs Summary

CO-OP Products and Programs can be customized using different APIs supporting multiple individual resources. These APIs and resources help credit unions achieve their digital strategies by integrating CO-OP product and program APIs into their own solutions. This, in turn, creates a more seamless and secure experience for members.

APIs available for Digital Products and Programs
Alerts and Controls

Using this API, you can manage the registration, destination, preferences and threshold functions of our alerts and controls products.

Coming soon Alerts and Controls API

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Bonus and Rewards

This API allows you to access a comprehensive offering of resources for managing all the common functions associated with bonus and rewards programs.

Coming soon Bonus and Rewards API

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Cardless Cash Access

Using this API enables Cardless Cash Access, which allows your members to withdraw cash faster and more securely at the ATM – without the need to present a physical plastic card. Cardless cash withdrawals are pre-staged remotely, at the member’s convenience, using just a mobile device.

Coming soon Cardless Cash API

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CO-OP Zelle

Zelle is a fast, safe and easy way for members to pay almost anyone they know and trust with a U.S. credit union or bank account. With our custom Zelle API, you can leverage the scale of the Zelle network and offer your members a convenient way to digitally send and receive money.

Coming soon CO-OP Zelle API

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This API supports the person-to-person payment functionality that is integrated into our CO-OP Mobile and Sprig mobile apps. The API can be integrated into your credit union’s customized mobile apps as well.

Coming soon Realpay API

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Remote Deposit Capture

Using this API, credit unions can offer their members remote deposit capture (RDC), which allows them to deposit checks remotely using a mobile device. This API can be integrated into Sprig, CO-OP Mobile or your own credit union’s custom mobile solution.

Coming soon Remote Deposit Capture API

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Shared Branching Summary

Shared Branching gives credit unions a distinct competitive advantage by allowing their members to transact at any of CO-OP’s 5,600+ shared branches nationwide. This service is enabled through individual APIs and resources that support functions such as location services.

APIs available for Shared Branching

Branch and ATM Locator

The Branch and ATM Locator API allows you to find the nearest branch or ATM for any participating Shared Branch client.

Search for Branch and ATM Locator API

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